Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What Do You Do When Your 26 Weeks of EI Are Up?

The great land of Canada has Employment Insurance to help you along but what happens when it runs out?

Over the weekend, I was logging on to the Service Canada site to report my earnings for EI and I got a message saying they did not have a record on an active claim for me.  

 What? I do not have a claim?

  I called them today because yesterday was a holiday and learned that my 26 weeks which I was eligible for ended on January 28th so I received my last payment last Tuesday.  

  I am in a scary situation folks and I have to do something fast. 

  My day job is a teacher but, with declining enrolment and teachers hanging on to their jobs longer, I am struggling by working supply (substitute teaching).  

  The number of days I get to teach vary widely from week to week and I never know what is ahead.  

For example, last week I worked 2. 47 days and this week I don't have a single day pre-booked. I may get calls the morning of or I may not.  

Without EI topping me up to $800 every two weeks, my financial sitatuation is terrifying.  I have three children, rent, food, etc and need to make x amount each month. With EI, I have just been scraping by  . . . so without . . . stress. 

In order to survive, I need to supply teach at least 3 days a week and I have only worked that many times a week a few times this school year.  

What am I going to do? 

I am going to market like mad, that's what!!

 I am going to work my ass of writing so I can get killer content out there. 

I am going to write those books so I can generate an income from them.  

I could get another job but I would have to work a hell of a lot more to make what I do in just 2 days of teaching a week and then would end up having to say no to work which would mean I would not get a long term gig or a permanent position in a field I enjoy and actually pays me to get inspiration for my writing. 

So I turn to this wonderful Empower Network blog and spill my guts out on this page. 

I have been living in poverty my entire life. 

I realized over that last few years that fact. 

I also realized that I have allowed myself to live in poverty because I didn't believe I deserved better.  

 I was holding myself back from reaching my full potential and attaining the life that I so want to have. 

My personal vision of myself and my future has always been simple  . . . 

but I never really stopped to ask why I thought my life would always be a struggle; 

why I didn't see myself financially free; 

why I lived in a one room cabin when I saw myself old.  

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and listening to the great entrepreneurs talk about how they got where they are.  And every success story I hear about and read about began with belief: believing that they deserved to have financial freedom . . . that success in business was not code for ruthless and greedy. I have come to realize my own prejudices were holding me back. My belief that being financially free and comfortable could only be attained if you were selfish and greedy. 

Boy was I wrong!

See for yourself . . . How to Build YOUR Personal Brand . . . 

As I follow my path to my own success I surround myself with other like minded successful people, even great people.

 These "gurus" and leaders in their fields are just regular human beings who love, face challenges, and work hard. 

Through my involvement in the Empower Network and network marketing I have been exposed to some wonderful, warm, hilarious, and caring people. 

Read this . . . The power of community
The leaders in this industry that I have rallied around are there because they helped others and worked as a team so that everyone succeeded with them.  

I had always looked at sales and marketing as a solitary venture that was cut throat competitive because of what I learned from my mother's experiences in retail sales and real estate. 

I recoiled at the thought of sales and marketing jobs 

 . . . because I am not a selfish cut throat, aggressive person so I didn't think I was going to be good at it.  I have come to learn, thanks to the wonderful community here at the Empower Network, that no one succeeds alone.  

The most successful in any industry got there by working with other like minded and driven people who supported each other, picked them up when they were down, and celebrated each success along the way. 

Is is an honour and a privilege to be part of such an amazing community of positive, caring, powerful people here at the Empower Network. 

Each person here at the EN is changing the world of business and revolutionizing how marketing and business leadership is viewed.  

I am proof that the Empower Network is powerful.  

I now see that I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur with badass marketing skills because I have the compassion, drive, and positive energy required to be just like those leaders I so admire.  


You can get in on this revolution too!! 

Take a look at this and let's DO THIS :)

Yours in marketing for success
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