Monday, 5 December 2011

How to sift through all the scams for working online ...

I have been searching for ways to get into online marketing without having to pay up front for what I already know. I have found a few pointless sources... is just one. I stumble upon it and thought for $10 for info may be I can figure out where to get started and maybe even more. Well, I did get that but since then I am unundated with emails, phone calls, and all sorts of other guidance CDs, books, conference calls, etc that they want me to buy into. I quickly realized that these guys are marketing gurus in the sense that they sell you information and if you join them, that is all you will do as well. You will get in on selling their information to other poor saps who don't realize that with some savvy research and by using the hours they would have to spend listening to and reading all the information sixfigures throws at them actually marketing they would be making money already.
Another pointless one is Joe Vitale. He is more a motivational speaker who makes money telling people to search within themselves and heal themselves so they can be rich too. Another who profits from the weak. No thank you.
I hooked up with warriorforum and from there you can see all kinds of marketing resources. Some are scams and some are actually helpful. It boils down to keeping your critical hat on and doing some research of your own to see what is legit and what is just like the old mail order work from home programs where you just sell  other people the information you just bought.
I have decided to go it on my own and apply to be an affiliate with companies I am interested in and industries I enjoy or support.
I figure if I spend a couple of hours each day posting stuff wherever I can it should start paying off for me and the companies I support.
I will shout it to the world when I receive my first payment!!

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