Thursday, 15 September 2011

Entering the digital marketing world

Today I began something I have been meaning to for a long time now. I began creating a forum for me to share my writing and see what comes of it. I have been writing my whole life. Mostly in times of pain, stress, conflict, healing. However, I also wrote in the academic world which exposed me to the art and skill of writing creative non-fiction.

My goal is to write something every day and this is were it will be. It can also be found on my facebook wall and Twitter.

The first thing I would like to put forth is something I wrote almost 10 years ago:

In the corner of a dark room -
A young girl  crouches,
Shaking as the tears fall to the floor. She is rocking with a baby clutched to her chest.
Softly, she sings the only lullaby she knows. The child goes limp in her arms.
Still she rocks and sings as the tears cleanse her baby's lifeless body.

Tighter now she presses him close. Rocking harder and harder as the lullaby crescendos into longing cries of pain and despair. She pleads for one small movement but nothing. Weary, she collapses with her son inside one last time.


Can you hear it?
The sounds souls just dying
From suffocation and starvation?
The will to live is lost to them now.

Can you feel it?
Decaying passions and
Spreading sloth
Destroying the seeds of perfection?

Can you see it?
Bodies pacing behind
The bounds of society
Bruised from rubbing against the norm
But too blind to just walk through?

I guess you can't
Because  it's you.


Stay tuned for more and a website URL!!!

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